About Nicole: Being introduced to flavorful, versatile foods from the beginning right at home meant that food super-fandom was always in her cards! The true love affair started with International Food Day in 7th grade, many moons ago. Tasting just bite sized samples from the various dishes lined up buffet style: Indian samosas, baklava, Mexican corn, Jamaican beef patties, the list went on, she was hooked. Over the years, Nicole has discussed, explored and tasted new dishes to expand her palate even further. She especially loves African dishes, Caribbean or Mexican flavors, but will delve into trying whatever comes her way . Suggesting restaurants to family and friends, highlighting specific menu items everyone MUST TRY, and being a hometown food advocate has been her forté for years. Never disappointing, it was only a matter of time before Totally Bites was born. Her food-losophy: “I’m thick-ums on the inside.”

About Scarlett: The daughter of a deli owner, food has been an integral part of Scarlett’s life since day one, literally. Every celebration from her first birthday onward was set to a backdrop of New Jersey Sloppy Joes (a.k.a. the world’s best sandwich, bar none). Days in and days out spent behind the counter of a deli hearing everyone talk about food all day – balking if the bread wasn’t from a certain bakery at a new restaurant, rattling off the best-of-the-best in the area for everything you could ever want, creating their own particular meal & sandwich combinations (which Scarlett immediately added to her ever-evolving food bucket list of must-trys.)
Mostly, her infatuation with food hinges on it’s share-factor and connecting with other people over mutual loves. She’s been informally planning mini restaurant tours for friends and family around NYC, North Jersey and some of her favorite vacation spots for years. Her food-losophy: “Let’s split a cheesesteak as an appetizer.”

When Scarlett and Nicole met at Montclair State, it was food love at first bite. Chatting IN restaurants, talking ABOUT restaurants, referring each other TO restaurants…it was obvious that food was more than a hobby for both of them. They both firmly believe that all people can almost definitely bond over food.  From street food to ethnic food…hole-in-the-walls to hot spots, they love everything and are ready to try anything.

These BFFs (Bite Friends Forever) are ready to introduce you to foods you can be passionate about.